Essay On Why The Drinking Age Should Stay At 21

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“If the legal age were lowered in the US it would have to come with much more education in this area, not just the shock-value of Every 15 Minutes” said Ulrike Skillman, math teacher at Saugus. Skillman suggests the lowering of the drinking age will have to come with more alcohol education and that is the exact purpose of a “drinking license.” Which would allow 18 year olds to consume alcohol, with strict regulations, then take classes to officially receive a “drinking license” at 21 years old. The license would replicate a driver’s license, but be geared toward consuming alcohol. But for now, the California law prohibits anyone under 21 to be in possession of alcohol in a public place, it is legal for 18-20 year olds to consume alcohol on private property with supervision. …show more content…

After 3 years of demonstrating that they can abide alcohol laws and handle alcohol safely, then could then officially receive their licence and earn the same drinking rights as 21 year olds do now. Not only would this benefit young adults, it could benefit our communities by requiring a renewal fee, forcing those who can’t afford the fee, perhaps the homeless, not to purchase alcohol. Junior Sammy Mendoza, when asked about her opinion of the drinking license, said “In my opinion, drinking accidents and bad situations all stem from the lack of knowledge surrounding alcohol. With young adults being properly educated on how to consume alcohol safely, perhaps there would be less alcohol caused crimes and incidents.” Of course this is not going to prevent every single alcohol related death, but it is one way to start. The current alcohol laws both statewide and nationwide, prove unsuccessful and a more efficient way to handle the situation is to educate teens about alcohol to influence them to make wise

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