Drinking Age At 21 Research Paper

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In 2005 a tragedy struck my hometown of Cameron Wisconsin. Following the annual homecoming parade, the high schoolers were driving back to the school to cheer on the football team for the game that night. Sitting on the toolboxes in one of the trucks was Bailey Zimmerman and her good friend Jasmyn Becker. As their driver, Matthew Stoyke, was making the turn into the parking lot, he saw a bunch of his friends already waiting for him. Without thinking, Matthew slammed his foot onto the accelerator to show off for his buddies. Bailey and Jasmyn were thrown from the bed of the truck and hurled onto the asphalt below, killing Bailey instantly. Matthew, not realizing the severity of what he did, fled from the parking lot in fear of the consequences. After the investigation, it was found that all three of the high schoolers had been drinking underage. How many more stories like this would there be if high schoolers could be allowed to drink? Since 1984 there has been a federal act that strongly advises states not to allow citizens under the age of 21 from drinking alcoholic beverages. To this day there are still people arguing about this law, both for and against it. Having a minimum drinking age set at 21 is a popular ongoing debate that has many supporters and disputers. To begin, alcohol was a key topic in debates …show more content…

Both supporters and opponents of the MLDA of 21 have many arguments supporting their own sides and arguments to counter their opposition’s. Does a minimum drinking age take away people’s freedom? Or does it insure that they will have a chance to live out their lives? Both sides will always find arguments to counter their opposition so this may continue to go around in circles forever. But with 77% of people supporting a MLDA of 21, there isn’t much hope for opposers. Unless there is some hard evidence found that can 100% without a doubt prove the opposer’s arguments to be true, the MLDA of 21 law will stay in place to protect the youth in

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