Drinking Age In Ontario

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The drinking age in Ontario should clearly be changed and increased to the age of 21 instead of 19. It should change because drunk driving is a major issue, many health organizations have requested upon a change, and finally students react differently when alcohol is consumed. Therefore, the drinking age should clearly be raised, so all of this could happen less frequently.
Health organizations are suggesting it to be changed“ The last time Ontario considered a change was in 2008, when a board of health officially requested the province to increase the drinking age to 21” (2013, Pg: ½). Another organization also wanted the same idea“The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health released a report that suggested the provinces legal drinking age to be increased to 21” (2013, Pg: ½) drinking too much alcohol can harm your health especially under the ages of 21. In the U.S.A …show more content…

Over the years , a research has been conducted by the Public Health ,James .C saying that “ young adults react differently to alcohol, getting drunk faster and being less likely to know when to stop”(2013, Pg: ½). That is why the legal drinking age in Ontario has been changed many times starting off with “ 21 and then we lowered it to 18 and then we raised it to 19, because when we reduced it, Alcohol-related deaths among young people skyrocketed”(2013, Pg: ½). Ontario thought that changing the drinking age in 1971 from 18-21 would be a good choice since “the eight provinces before in 1960’s were the age 21” (2013, Pg: ½). all dropped to the age 18 or 19 . Thus, alcohol should stay away from young adults.
In summary, the drinking age needs to be changed. First of all, health organizations are more involved with raising the drinking age, second of all drunk driving happens more frequently nowadays, and finally young adults and teens should not be drinking under the ages of 21. In addition, staying safe and healthy is all that

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