Alcohol abuse Essays

  • Benjamin's Case Study Alcohol Abuse

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    Based on the intake, Benjamin’s alcohol abuse has been identified as an ongoing problem in need of treatment. It is mainly manifested in the combination of the loss of his wife, retirement, and poor relationship with his daughter. I believe Benjamin will greatly benefit from attending individual and group therapy to learn to cope with his grief that possibly led him to alcohol abuse. In his case, I would apply the DBT approach as he has difficulty regulating emotions and behavior. The session focuses

  • Functionalist Perspective

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    and Tam, people who lack norms to control their behavior, they are likely to purse self-destructive behaviors such as alcohol abuse (Leon-Guerrero 2014). For instance, doctors warn about the dangers of alcohol use and even advertisers promote the use of alcohol and the affects. Yet we still drink no matter what the causes are. “Functionalist explore how substance use and abuse are necessitated by a social system and what they offer to the functional operation” (Shaw 2002). The conflict perspective

  • Under The Drinking Age

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    laws and regulations of the state concerning the consumption of alcohol, others do not. Among recent years, alcohol consumption of young adults has increased drastically. Among individuals in the United States that drink alcohol, 11% are between the ages 13 to 20. Teens do not realize the risks and effects of alcohol consumption. Drinking at a younger age means that one is at a greater risk of encountering major health problems. Alcohol, especially when consumed by younger individuals, is harmful to

  • Alcohol Awareness Case Study Cameron University

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    Cameron University Alcohol Awareness Alcohol consumption on higher education institutions continues to rise nationally. Cameron University (CU) has been the source of multiple media related stories surrounding alcohol related consumption on campus by underage students. CU must ensure the integrity of the University is not compromised and maintain the highest academic standards and a safe environment for students. Therefore, proposed is a strategic multi-layered collaborative plan inclusive of

  • Jerry's Case Study Summary

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    for Jerry at age fifty-five to get diagnosis with substance uses disorder under alcohol. He must “displays a maladaptive pattern” that lead “to impairment” and “need to have two of the eleven symptoms with a one year period”. Some of the eleven symptoms that Jerry exhibits are as follow: consume a large amount over an extensive period, unsuccessful effort to reduce or control consumption, continue to consume alcohol with interpersonal problem, reduction of activity and interaction, continue to use

  • Alcoholism In Native Americans Research Paper

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    been the consumption of liquor that can create mental behaviors that become dependent on alcohol. Native American and Alaskan Natives are more likely than other ethnicities to die of alcohol related cases. There are different types of issues that can cause them to led this path. What causes them to have so many deaths related to alcoholism?   Method can be used to identify whether or not they have an alcohol related problem. There are different tools that people can use so they can screen them. They

  • Greek Rape Culture

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    researching is how greek life, parties, and alcohol play a part of rape culture on college campuses. Many of my sources focused on the same issues, and many of them concluded studies showing how Greek life contributes to this modern issue. Factors within this issue is how fraternities and male sports teams are perceived and who is attracted to joining these organizations. The main argument among all of these sources were that parties and alcohol abuse create an environment that can be a breeding

  • Drug Addiction Satire

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    Young Americans on Drug series. The drug and alcohol problem in Columbus and Phenix City is pretty big. About 90 percent of crimes are caused by drug users. Illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications are easy to get by young adolescents. There are 21 million illicit drug users in America, and every year 1,700 adolescents die because of alcohol-related incidents. Last year, 4 million young Americans ages 12 and older received treatment for alcohol or illicit drugs. Millions more didn’t seek

  • Drinking Age 21

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    idea of this age was put in place to assist in keeping those younger individuals safe from the harmful effects of alcohol, and 21 is still the point when an individual should begin consuming such beverages. To continue to keep the public safe, the drinking age should be kept at 21 because the brain is still developing, lowering the age would give younger individuals easier access to alcohol, and lowering the age would be more dangerous on and off the road. Before the National Minimum Drinking Age Act

  • Barfly Movie Analysis

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    his days abusing alcohol and fighting a man named Eddie at a bar in Las Angeles, he frequents. Henry is jobless, never cared about the American dream of becoming someone, and just the thought of trying to become someone to fit into societies normal role expectations makes his blood boil. Henry meets a woman in a bar one night, by the name of Wanda, who is played by actress Faye Dunaway. Immediately the two connect and begin a volatile relationship of arguing and abusing alcohol. The movie follows

  • Cocaine Case Summary

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    The patient is a 61 year old male who presented to the ED with depressive symptoms, crack cocaine use, and alcohol use. The patient denies suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and symptoms of psychosis. The patient is calm and cooperative. The patient reports no withdrawal systems. During the time of assessment the patient was sleep and was awakened by clinician. The patient appears drowsy and has a flat affect. The patient reports smoking $700 of Crack Cocaine the past 2-3 days. The patient

  • Why Students Should Not Be Allowed In College

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    aren’t their by their side to help them.College students have a lot on their plates, with all the stress from school, studying, work, friends, and relationships. Because college students make poor decisions, they can 't control their weight, they abuse alcohol, and the development of eating disorders occur. First the “Freshman 15” is a term that is well-known throughout college campuses everywhere. This term refers to the weight that most students put on during their first year of college. Although

  • Summary: Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy For Native Americans

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    colonists came to settle in America, Native Americans had never witnessed or consumed hard liquor. They only had very weak beer and spirits, but were only used to ceremonial purposes. When the settlers provided the Native Americans with more potent alcohol, they did not know what to do with it. They were not able to form the social norms of drinking in public and with other people in such a short amount of time. Drinking varies greatly from tribe to tribe based on cultural, economic, socioeconomic,

  • Minimum Drinking Age

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    Prevention in 1991 after the Act was passed, the rate of alcohol consumption among people eighteen to twenty years of age dropped from fifty-nine percent to forty percent; the rate of alcohol consumption among people twenty-one to twenty-four years of age dropped from seventy percent to fifty-six percent ( More than fifty scientific

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

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    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group of individuals from all walks of life, who come together with the hope of abstaining from alcohol abuse. The main goal of this support group is to abstain from alcohol, and to achieve control of their lives without drinking. According to Stuart, “Alcoholic anonymous (AA) The most common type of self-help group for substance abusers is the 12-step group.” (Stuart, p. 467, 2013) One of the important functions of these groups is to let the individual know that they

  • What Does The Nigger Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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    to see how important certain objects are to the characters and how they affect them. Fitzgerald uses alcohol as a symbol of negativity that has a strong impact on the book. “‘One of your own sojers got shoved out of the back window an’ killed hisself!’” (Fitzgerald, 101). Alcohol leads to nothing but bad actions throughout the entire novel. A man drunkenly killed himself, proving that alcohol is a symbol of negativity and death. This is satirical because the prohibition law was in place and shows

  • Reflection Paper On Aa Meeting

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    Alcoholism is a chronic brain disease that affects all walks of life and does not have any bounders (Gossop, Stewart, & Marsden, 2008). I choose to attend an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting since this disease is prevalent among adolescents and adults. The meeting was held in the first-floor forum at Pilgrim Congressional Church in Queens New York. The goals of the AA meeting were stated explicitly by the leader conducting the meeting. The mission of the organization is to maintain sobriety by helping

  • Persuasive Essay About Drug Addiction

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    can all be made a safer place for all. But the problem does not stop there. Of the estimated 20.8 million people aged 12 or older influenced by drugs. “Most had some form of a substance abuse disorder in the past year, including 7.7 million people with an illicit drug use disorder and 15.7 million with an alcohol use disorder.”(How Many People) But how can we defeat such a massive problem? The drug epidemic is something that affects us all, everyone knows someone who is at the mercy of drugs. People

  • Alcoholism In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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    Alcoholism is a significant problem in American society. About 20 million people in the United States abuse alcohol and out of that number, around 10 million are addicted to alcohol and considered an alcoholic ("Alcoholism" 1). In The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Jeannette's father, Rex, shows signs of being an alcoholic. His disease puts a lot of strain on the family and relationships within the family and eventually, Jeannette's father dies from heart failure, a common disease caused by alcoholism

  • Reflection On A Meeting At The Arrowhead Church

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    who attend are going through that same specific topic. They give an individual the tools to overcome and get through whatever their dealing with. These meetings are nothing compared to what we see on tv, to don’t really see the emotional pain and abuse that people really deal with. Nothing in life is ever easy you must take everything one step at a time and take things as they come. Always accept a person for who they are and never judge someone based on what they have been through or what they are