Persuasive Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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Alcohol Age Limit Would you rather the drinking age limit be lower, higher, or does it even matter? The legal drinking age limit should stay at 21, it is a pretty mature age to handle alcohol and the age limit is always changing. Under aged kids always find a way to obtain alcohol, and often times parents do not care and they’ll buy their kids alcoholic drinks. Does this law really change anything? If this law is so effective then why is under aged drinking still so high on the charts? Well, let me answer that for you. Raising the drinking age does not stop under aged drinking, it just changes where it happens. Kids are more likely to drink at home with friends or places away from adult strangers. There are many debates about the drinking age, over 100 college presidents signed a petition to reopen the debate on the drinking age. Those presidents want to ban hard alcohol in colleges, and raise the age …show more content…

Raising it would also barely reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. Kids are gonna drive with alcohol because they won’t be thinking straight. Bars and nightclubs would not really be filled up more than some already are. Kids rather drink at the beach, home, or house parties, not surrounded by random adult strangers. So my conclusion is that the legal drinking age should stay 21 because it always changes, under aged kids always find a way to obtain alcohol, and parents will often buy their children drinks. Under aged kids themselves have said that their parents, older friends, strangers and family members would buy them alcohol. Raising the alcohol age limit would barely change anything, it affects the older group of drinkers more than the younger. As far as I know the age limit is still at 21, but it may change soon, there is currently debates on whether to raise or lower the alcohol age

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