Drinking Age To 18 Persuasive Speech

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Do you know drinking is fatal to only to 19 or a younger age? Should the drinking age be lowered from 19 to a younger age? CONS. We should not drink when you are under the drinking age law. Drinking can be all over the world to many countries. With all due respect, I truly think that the drinking age should not be lowered to 19. In my perspective drinking is bad for everyone. Drinking is dangerous to everyone. I am going to explain why not to drink through health issues, younger age people and not to drink and drive. The risks of drinking alcohol are health issues, your body wouldn’t stay fit if you are drinking too much. Health issues for drinking can be a serious and damageable for you. Alcohol is like a poison that you are drinking. If drinking too much it might cause effects on your body including your heart or liver. Problems managing diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions. The drinking causes many problems you must go the hospital. While you drink too much you might a state that you can’t move and can mean that you are in a coma through drinking and it might take a long time. If you …show more content…

To address this drinking age should not be lowered to 19. Many people in families think that drinking can harm their life. It’s people jobs to take care of your health and live a happy life with families and friends. Many parents take care of their children and evidence is that an average family spent $24,164 for paying for college and kids don’t know that. People of this world it is more important that you can be more efficient that you can be of not drinking. High school and college people is getting into trouble and can be tricked by others to have a drink with them. Do not go with someone if you know them. Follow these rules and do not drink anywhere because it can affect you or your family. DO NOT

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