Should Drinking Age Be Lowered

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Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
Eighteen, that magical age, everyone has dreamed about turning. The number eighteen is significant in America because it is when teenagers are finally given the chance to become independent. Finally, you are no longer viewed as a child in the America, but as an adult. You can finally enjoy the same rights and privileges as other adults. When you are eighteen you have to ability to buy virtually anything you desire, eat anything you want, smoke anything you want, and drink anything you want, except alcohol, but why? I’ve waited so long to enjoy my newfound freedom, but can’t drink alcohol. What do you mean? At eighteen, I am allowed to purchase cigarettes, fight and die in wars, purchase firearms, or even get married, but no alcohol. This seems so un-American, a country I can live and die for, but cannot have an alcoholic beverage. Who is responsible for creating such an absurd rule? Why is alcohol deemed a harmful and dangerous drink to an eighteen-year-old? My intentions with this paper are to express my opinion on why the legal drinking age should be eighteen.
Turning eighteen in America is like a double-edged sword. You are finally viewed in the eyes of the law as an adult, but with limitations. Sure, you are able to get married without parental approval, work a full-time job, obtain credit …show more content…

According to the CDC, underage drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths per year, but why? Most teenagers are uneducated and unsupervised when it comes to consuming alcohol and its effects. If one doesn’t teach about the effects of alcohol, then it could become disastrous for not only the user but others too. Most teenagers may only know a fraction of the effects based on experience or from seeing it in movies or television. I believe that if the drinking age was lowered, teenagers could be better educated to drink more

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