Essay On Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking is illegal yet very popular. There are many different reasons why teenagers drink. Some teenagers drink to appear cool, while on the other hand others drink for stress related issues. It has now become a rampant activity being done by many teenagers of today’s generation. Some teenagers sneak and drink at parties and other places without their parents even knowing. Some parents know their children are going to drink so they allow them to drink at home, with a hope that it will prevent them from going out doing senseless things. Underage drinking is very risky and can lead to variety of unoftunate and even tragic circumstances such as car accidents, violent behavior, alcohol poisoning, and other dangerous things. Most parents…show more content…
So they continously do the activity until such time that they realize that it has become an addiction without realizing that it is detrimental in their health. The misuse of alcohol does not only affect the concerned teenager but it also breaks relationship as wekk as the society in general in terms of violence and crime, accidents and drink-driving. To explore more on this issue, a studys conducted in Harvard School of Public Healthshows that students who are engaged in alcohol drinking activities tend to be are displaying negative behaviors and therefore reveiving sanctions by the authorities (Wechsler et al.…show more content…
It apears that children who exprienced drinking at young age will also continously and habitually drink in the future once they grow up. They do not simple do this occasionally but it has become a frequent and habitual addiction (Christiansen et al. 7). In totality, drinking alcoholic beverages of teenagers is not is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable. More and likely teens that drink are trailing behind in their education because of how alcohol affects them so bad. Some parents allow their children drink alcoholic beverages under certain circumstances with their
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