Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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Minimum Legal Drinking Age
The debate concerning the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) has set Americans into disagreement. While many argue that 18 is the appropriate age many contradict this by saying that 21 is a better option. There is always been a debate about the issue, in 1971 when the voting age was changed to 18, also the MLDA was changed to 18. A decade after in 1984 to be exact Congress passed the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age. The new law prohibits people under 21 to buy or consume alcohol in all states. If states did not rise their MLDA to 21 then they will see a cut in the federal highway founding. Later that year all 50 states and the District of Columbia rise the MLDA to 21 after being faced with strong financial incentive …show more content…

“Students in states that had a MLDA of 18 had a 13 times greater chance of dropping out of high school compared to states with an MLDA of 21”. As previously mentioned high schoolers are less likely to drop out of school because they are less likely to become addicted to alcoholic beverages. Additionally students who do not consume alcohol are more focus on school than students who drink even when it is only once in awhile. Also, by graduating from high school students are more likely to continue their educational career and to be successful in their future. It is not like students who drink con not do this but just a few of them would be capable of achieving this before getting carried away with alcohol. Again, students who graduate from high school or college are less likely to have an addiction with any substance, one of them being …show more content…

“Since the developing adolescent brain is affected differently by alcohol than the adult brain, the 21 year-old drinking age protects adolescents and young adults from the its potentially negative consequences”. The human brain is not fully develop until the age of about 25 years old. If alcohol is used at an early age than the development of it can be affected causing many health problems for the person who is consuming alcohol. If the brain is affected an adolescent brain is worse at remembering things that an adult brain that has been fully develop and is not as damaged. Equally important the brain that has been in contact with alcohol is more likely to have memory loss or trouble remembering when the person is at an advanced

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