Deviant Drinking Drivers Essay

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DRINKING AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS, WHILE DRIVING, AND NORMAL, 4 IMMORAL, AND DEVIANT DRIVERS Drinking Among College Students, While Driving and Normal, Immoral, and Deviant Drunk Drivers People drink because they want to have a good time, they like the way it makes them Feel, or they just simply need a drink. Some people have become addicted to alcohol and they have let it take over their lives. Alcohol is something a lot of people abuse these days. Alcohol is strongly used among college students and while driving. I am also going to tell you about the difference among normal, immoral, and deviant drunk drivers. College students abusing alcohol. College students tend to engage in things that can put …show more content…

(Eduardo Romano and Robert B. Voas 2011) The highest overall level of driving risk are those who drink heavily on a given occasion and who have a high level of hostility. (Eduardo Romano and Robert B. Voas 2011) Drinking drivers who are caught and those who are not provide a greater understanding of the drinking and driving problems. (Eduardo Romano and Robert B. Voas 2011) Normal, immoral, and deviant drunk drivers. (Lars Fynbo 2014) People who have been arrested for DUI have had car accidents or have been involved in illegal things. (Lars Fynbo 2014) Deviant drunk drivers have been involved in burglaries, selling drugs, or have been arrested for domestic violence. (Lars Fynbo 2014) People who are socially deviant drinkers don’t work, don’t have their driving license anymore, or are banned from driving. (Lars Fynbo 2014) Most deviant drinkers come from families who have alcoholic parents and tend to get in trouble a lot. (Lars Fynbo 2014) In order for them to stop getting in trouble with the law, they need to get away from the people they are hanging out with.(Lars Fynbo 2014) Some people who have an alcoholic problem drive with an illegal blood alcohol concentration level.

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