Drunk Driving Proposal Essay

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Kira Johnson Eng 111-11:00 Ms. Booms December 9, 2016 Drunk Driving: Proposal The solution to resolving drunk driving is to crack down on laws already set in place and monitor repeat offenders. Drunk driving is defined as the crime of driving a vehicle with excess of alcohol is in the blood. In the current it means getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated and no reprimands are given just a slap of the wrist and a fine. In 2012 Kirk Camacho lost his youngest daughter to a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit. While taking his daughters Bree and Kaley to school was struck on the side of his vehicle. Kirk and his oldest survived but kaley died instantly. Every two minutes a person is injured in drunk driving …show more content…

Americans know the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. When alcohol enters the human body it impairs your judgement. Your speech begins to slur, the overall control you have on your body vanish because your balance and flow are altered by the alcohol entering your bloodstream. But yet the court systems lets them off with a simple slap on the wrist , like a mother to a child. What happens when that “first time offender” , loses their sense of knowledge of how to drive a car. Swerves into the next lane and hits someone ? We need to crack down on the laws we have in place now, to do that we need zero tolerance from offenders under the influence . Affect harsher penalties, to send the message drunk driving is not ok. Lastly Get rid of the petty laws that let offenders off the hook and enforce the law we have now. Officials need to crack down more on sobriety check-ins, vehicle ignition –interlocks, and arrest and detainment of first time offenders. A typical person that is accused of drunk driving is convicted of a very small punishment a fine, short period time in jail or restriction use is the typical punishment. Which sends the message law officials have let drunk drivers get away with their crimes by the time of arrest they have already drove well over 80 while drunk

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