Drunk Driving In Homer's The Odyssey

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In this century, people don't care to wonder how the penalties for drunk driving came about. Before 1980, the public believed drunk driving fatalities could be excused; that it wasn't considered murder. More than twenty-one thousand people died each year during drunk driving crashes due to the public's view and United States law. That changed once awareness raised about this issue, and the public’s attitude towards drinking changed. Now, in the United States, that number cut in half thanks to Candy Lightner. Candy Lightner’s quick initiative for stiffening drunk driving penalties matches the hero’s journey as portrayed in Homer’s The Odyssey, and has made a profound difference in the way the public views drunk driving. Lightner’s life was ideal before tragedy struck. She lived with her three children: Cari, Serena, and Taylor, in Fair Oaks, California. She worked as a real estate agent in her area up until she had a heart-breaking loss. Lightner faced death just like Odysseus. Odysseus’ son, Telemachus was almost killed by the suitors. On May 3rd, 1980, Cari Lightner, Candy Lightner’s daughter died in a drunk driving accident. That incident was Lightner’s call to adventure. Her children had been injured in drunk driving accidents before, but they were never killed. This loss impacted…show more content…
Lightner’s most significant ally was Cindi Lamb. They were partners almost since the inception of MADD. They gave each other strength and shared a common goal. According to the article, “MADD founder’s daughter killed by drunk driver”, “President Ronald Reagan soon asked Lightner to serve on the National Commission on Drunk Driving. . .” (history.com) The allies agreed to make a law that reduces federal highway grants to any state that did not make the minimum drinking age 21 in 1984. Soon after, their hard work paid off when all 50 states changed their minimum drinking age to
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