Relapse Of Therapy In Kinney's 'Loning The Grip'

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As Jean Kinney states in their book, “Loosening the Grip”, Kinney defines relapse the resumption of the drug or alcohol. Mr. Potter considers himself a recovered problem drinker after 6 years of therapy and individual counseling, he has slowed down his drinking. Potter has had a few bumps in the road such as divorcing his wife of 15 years, under going test for colon cancer and problems with his family about his alcoholic parents that he refuses to send money to help pay for their expenses. Now the first thing that I see wrong is the fact that he believes himself to be a recover problem drinker yet he still drinks continuously. Potter has done therapy and individual counseling for years and he knows exactly what to say and do in order to stay out of trouble, after his DWI arrest 15 years ago. Both his parents are unemployed alcoholics that are getting support…show more content…
Mr. Potter needs to gain support by joining in on group therapy. The group will become like a family which the client can identify with their mother, father or siblings and work through many issues by talking with the group members. Obtaining a sponsor, which is a person that can be there whenever the client needs extra support so they don’t feel alone. Potter must know that he can be accepted with who he is and accept himself as well and that can occur in group therapy. Family member must also be treated for alcohol problems as they are still affected by their parents. Mr. Potters family members are all affected by alcohol in different ways most of the members are enabling him and his parents to drink by ignoring the fact that they need help. Potter’s family need a family interventions so that everyone affected in the family gets help and this will help Potter. Also Relapse prevention, Potter has relapse before and needs to develop strategies to deal with triggers and
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