Brief Summary Of Quotes From 'The Glass Castle'

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• After realizing that her parents are never going to change, Jeannette decides to stand up to them
• Rex whips Jeannette with a belt and she decides that she and her siblings won’t live in a toxic household with Rex and Rose Mary for much longer
• They start an escape fund together, aiming to go to New York
• Rose Mary starts crying because she’s stuck with Rex
• Rex takes all of the money that they’ve saved for New York and spends it on alcohol
• Lori babysits for the summer to make up the two hundred dollars and moves to New York
• Rex tries to convince Jeannette to stay by working on the Glass Castle
• Jeannette leaves for New York a year after Lori
• Brian moves to New York shortly after Jeannette
Three years later
• Jeannette is attending …show more content…

Her dad, who is irresponsible, demands for her to give him money do that he can buy beer. Jeannette argues, “I’ve got bills piling up,”...I heard my voice growing shrill, but I couldn’t control it. “I’ve got kids to feed” (Walls 210).
• Alcoholism has devastating impacts on behavior and the lives of others
- For Jeannette, since her childhood, her dad returning drunk, late in the night was a regular occurrence: “He came home in such a drunken fury that Mom usually hid while we kids tried to calm him down” (Walls 112).
• Don’t let the judgement of others stop the pursuit of personal dreams and aspirations
- When Jeannette is concerned about others judging her family for not conforming to society’s rules and regulations, her mom responds with, “Life’s too short to worry about what other people think…they should accept us for who we are” (Walls 157).
• Don’t make assumptions concerning an individual’s life
- After Jeannette becomes a successful journalist, she realizes that many people believe that she has a perfect life; many people are unaware of her parents’ situation. She decides that she “…[wants] to let the world know that no one had a perfect life, that even the people who seemed to have it all had their secrets” (Walls 270).
• Determination and perseverance have tremendous power to enable

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