Review Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The best-selling memoir, The Glass castle by Jeannette Walls was recently made into a movie. It was released in the spring of 2017. The movie did an amazing job representing the memoir and its characters. The character Rex whose describe as a tough, hard headed man and intelligent was played by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson did a great job playing this character because that was exactly how I pictured him even the voice he made was exactly how I would picture Rex to talk. Lori was also how i pictured her, because she is described as a nerdy girl and that's how she looked in the movie.The only actors I was disappointed in was the two younger versions of Jeanette played by Ella Anderson and Chandler Head, “the books description of her and the movie’s …show more content…

5). In the memoir Jeannette is described as ugly, but in the movie she was seen as pretty young girl. Although the movie did not captured all the moments it did capture the important ones. For example the scene where Rex comes home with blood all over and Jeanette stiches him up with a sewing kit. The book gives a good visual of how rex looked when he came home when jeanette says, “ I saw that dad also had a big gash in his right forearm and a cut on his head so deep that I could see the white of his skull” (pg. 169). Readers already knew what they were expecting when that scene came on, because they probably pictured something similar when they read the scene. The tone in the book is very similar to the movie. In the book you read all her internal thoughts and you can tell she's very scared and nervous when she says, “I wanted to close my eyes but I needed to see” (pg. 169). In the movie you can just tell by her face expression that she was very scared it even seemed like she almost wanted to cry and eventually she does start crying a little. The mood is slightly different maybe because “ we’re not going in as innocents but as experts: we know how the story goes and we know what we expect”(atlantic p. 4). Since we know what’s going to happen the viewers

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