Growing Up With Alcoholism In The Glass Castle By Rex Walls

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Alcoholics are those who take in a daily excess amount of alcohol causing the body to be unresponsive. In the book The Glass Castle we have the thematic idea brought out by Rex Walls which is that alcohol can make oneself to go crazy and cause the family problems. Children with an alcoholic parent suffer the lack to show emotion and they are given roles to substitute the parents sue to this the children start to think about suicide.
Children who are in the care of alcoholic parents suffer the idea of shutting out what they feel towards the events that go on around them. As the article “ Growing up with Alcoholism: alcoholism is a disease that affects the entire family” says, “They continue the role of being good or bad or funny or lost to keep …show more content…

When the article “Children of alcoholics dont talk, dont trust, dont feel” talks about the roles the children take when their parents are alcoholics they mention that there is a, “Mascot, this child's job is to be cute and entertain and divert the family's attention when things are about to explode”. This child has to put in the effort that one of the adults is to put in of keeping the kid distracted when the parent is being an alcoholic. Children are given a greater responsibility at an early age in which their brain is not ready to take on to protect the other family members. Furthermore the book The Glass Castle Jeannette states “At times I felt like i was failing Maureen, like I wasn't keeping my promise that i'd protect her-the promise id protect her”(Walls 206). At a young age Walls knew she had to protect and provide care for her younger siblings due to her dad being an alcoholic and her mom being careless about them. The parents hand over responsibility as if it was an easy job to provide without any experience or being taught overall. At young ages children in families that have an alcoholic parent are taken away from their childhood to protect those other family members who are in need of

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