Persuasive Essay On School Year Round

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School Year Round Why would anyone want to go to school a year-round? (Rhetorical Question) School should be a year-round because then students will not forget their learning, be more focused on their education and it will be easier to earn their credits in a shorter period of time. Firstly, A school year-round should be offered each year so students will not forget the learning. Many students that come back from their summer break most likely struggle on what they have learned, for instance, everyone ignores most of the subjects and methods that everyone discovered last year. Having a year-round school can allow students continually practice and build up their skills that will benefit them in the future. During the school, year-round the students will get …show more content…

It allows them to be busier and engaged to the learning strategies that they are learning. It helps the teachers and students to push students to get their work done on time to get their credits in a faster way with good grades which will bring a smile on their faces and make them feel proud of themselves. Also, you get a fantastic experience that no one will ever regret when they graduate. Also, the teachers have to do less marking than regular high school years, for instance, if the class is significant, the teacher cannot teach everyone at once. So, this gives an opportunity to everyone who takes school year-round everyone will be able to maintain at the same pace when the teacher is teaching the whole class. Besides, the teachers will earn more salary than the regular years of high school plus will get more vacation pay so at the end students and teachers will be happy. Therefore, this is why school year-round is useful and beneficial for students and teachers. It is an excellent way for students to maintain and follow the right paths in

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