Why We Should Take Year Round School

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It’s Time for a New School Schedule Some schools have a year-round schedule, and some schools have a summer break. Even though the school year would seem longer, schools should go year round. We would retain more information, holiday breaks are still in use, and we get weeks off after a number of school weeks. Year round schools have many benefits. They go the amount of days that the district requires, but stretches it out through the whole year. You can go 3-4 weeks of school, then get 1-2 weeks off for a break. Depending on the school you go to and their set times. For summer break, you can have 4-5 weeks of the break, then go back to school after the last week. This helps us retain what we learned from school instead of losing it over 3 months of summer break. The 3 months of summer break requires your brain to focus on activities like basketball, video games, or swimming. 3 months of focusing can alter your brain and make you lose some of that information you learned over the school year. Not using that information we learned from school will make us forget some of it, if not used for a while. "BRAIN DRAIN: Students Lose Education during Summer Break." If we went year round, we would retain a lot of this information we learned. That is one of the several reasons schools should go year round. …show more content…

The school 's state or district selects the number of school days the school needs to serve. Instead of a summer break of 2-4 months, it is stretched out over the school year. To have this, they have breaks in between the weeks of school, and, depending on the school, you get weekends off. This helps the student take a break from 5-9 weeks of school, and stretch out the amount of days they need to serve for school. "Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education." Year round schools still have snow days too, just like any other school. This is another reason schools should go year

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