Argumentative Essay: Year-Round School Vs. Traditional School

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Whether year-round schooling should be enforced in Florida schools has been a recent debate. Florida schools should not take part in year-round schooling schedules because it makes sports and jobs very hard to get too, also year-round schooling gives teachers insufficient time to prepare for the next school year. Even though year-round school gives students more breaks, there is no proof that it helps students academically. So traditional school is better and should stay in Florida. To begin with, Florida should not have a year-round school schedule since it makes sports and jobs harder to attend. For example, if you were a high school student and just bought a car and need money to keep paying for it you might have a summertime job for income. But if your school went to a year-round schooling you would have no summer, which …show more content…

Year-round school usually has 45 days of school and then a 15 day break. But there is no summer break like traditional school. This leaves teachers with a little over two weeks to prepare for next school year. If teachers have to change their decorations or update their curriculum, they have barely enough or not enough time to prepare for a new year. This would put teachers in a hard situation and would not give them time to be with their family. This is another reason year-round school should not move to Florida. Lastly, a year-round school schedule may offer more breaks, but there is no proof that it helped students academically. Therefore the year-round school schedule does not truly benefit students or teachers. Also the more frequent breaks may pose the problem of students forgetting information after every break, which would cause for more review in class which does not help students learn new things. So year-round schooling could have negative effects and Florida should stay with the traditional school

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