Why We Should Not Convert To Year Round School Essay

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“What’s your favorite time of year?” “Summer!” This is a common question asked by an adult, and a typical reply from a child. Of course summer is their favorite time of the year because they have summer break! 10-12 weekes full of sun and fun! What’s not to love? Well, if the year round school people get their way, these kids would be really upset. Year round schooling is becoming more and more common in USA. Although many schools still have the traditional summer break, many school are converting to year round schooling. From being unable to find appropriate child care, to a detriment to family structure, and a financial toll. First of all, schools should not convert to year round schooling because it’s hard to find appropriate child care. …show more content…

When considering the choice of whether, schools should convert to year round schooling or not, the choice should definitely be schools should not convert to year round schooling. A few reasons schools should not convert to year round schooling is because students can even forget something they learned, in a short period of time, and then the teachers would have to reteach the same topic, which is extremely frustrating. The students would also spend less time with their family, because they don’t have the traditional summer break. Not only that, but it causes parents more stress to have to plan ahead of time for how they were going to take care of their children whenever they had breaks (which were very frequent). If this claim is not listened to, teachers teach the same thing repeatedly, family bonds weaken, it disrupts parents work, and it risks the child’s safety. Obviously schools should not convert to year round schooling because not only does it take away precious family bonding time, it also increases stress for

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