There Should Be Year Round School Essay

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Despite the fact that about 26 percent of U.S schools have changed to year-round schedules, is having year-round school really the best choice? Sure, 15 day vacations every 45 days may seem interesting, but what about good old two month two week(ish) summer break? I think there shouldn’t be year round school. Whether or not there should be year-round school is an important question. There shouldn’t be year-round school because it would be hard to find babysitters for younger children for two weeks every six weeks for teachers with young students, and teens would find it hard to get summer jobs. Sure, it offers students frequent breaks, but there still shouldn’t be year round school because of certain predicaments for students and teachers alike. First of all, there shouldn’t be year round school because of teachers constantly having to get babysitters if they …show more content…

Yes there are downsides to year round school, but also good things. One thing in particular is how students get frequent breaks. Sitting in school for 180 days is really boring to some. But if every six weeks, a two week vacation would follow. So, with that 2 week break, students can be really refreshed. Have that glazed look over your eyes from learning boring stuff for 3 weeks? Well, son you’ll get that two week break! Two weeks to enjoy yourself instead of learning fractions. According to “text one”, “Mary Brown, a middle school in wake county (where three-week breaks occur every nine weeks), says she likes the frequent short breaks. “Our schedule offers the kids a break from school right when they need it, she says. Earlier this year, after the first three week break, she says, the kids seemed refreshed. They didn’t have the bored, glazed over look of kids who had been in school for weeks on end with no break in sight” (text one) This makes the point of kids having frequent breaks

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