Persuasive Essay On Year Round School

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Year-Round Schooling

A study from the 2011-2012 school year concluded that there were up to as many as 3,700 schools that operated on the year round schedule (Year-Round Schooling). Currently, a majority of schools run on the typical schedule where there is three months worth of summer vacation. With this schedule, there is a major gap where information is typically lost, possibly resulting in possible degrading academics.Year long schooling should be implemented in schools as it allows for students to retain a larger portion of information leading to improved academics on this set schedule. With year round schooling, students are less likely to forget information, where the dropout rate reduces significantly. With shorter summer breaks …show more content…

Scheduling can become a hassle with year long schooling as teenagers are less likely to receive a job. Even, after school activities may suffer, as it can become difficult for the school to maintain the costs of having a sport and maintaining the costs of the building. This can cause many missed opportunities for the students, as sports can allow for a person to go to college, and a job can allow a teenager to receive important skills that can be used for later jobs. With year long schooling, the maintenance costs can increase upwards to 10 percent if they are open longer (Pros and Cons). Also with this schedule there is a need for more staff in the school, which increases labor costs (Pros and Cons). Yet, even though there are missed opportunities for the students, year long schooling gives the students the opportunity to improve academically. Improving academically is important as academics are the first portion of the criteria that colleges will accept you on. Also with improved test scores and academics, the school can receive grant money that could be used to cover the cost of maintenance on the building and sports

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