Nt1310 Unit 1 Data Sheet Analysis

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Console Window Web Class library Control library Smart Device Console: Server terminals: Many servers use is controlled exclusively through console programs. siege: Siege is an http/https stress load tester used to test different web servers through terminal interface program. Abcde: Abcde is a CD encoder program that will rip or burn different cds to and from your computer. Dstat: Dstat is a server statistic tool used to troubleshoot server issues in real time. Curl: curl is a data transfer program used to transfer data with extream acuracy. Window: Microsoft Suit:The Microsoft suit is a collection of programs created by Microsoft to make digital content creation more accesible to users. Chrome: Chrome is a window based browser created …show more content…

Web: Dropbox: Dropbox is a web based service created to help aid digital distribution of files and documents with peers and accessibility from a wide variety of locations. online learning: Online learning is used in huge amounts throughout the internet for a wide veriety of subjects which all aid in the distribution of information to anyone with access to their web based services. Google search engine: The Google search engine in an online based service that revolutionized the finding of information on the world wide web. Over the last few decades it has changed significantly, but still the basic purpose still exists to help the internet have better access to information. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a free and open wiki for the public to edit and add information at the publishers wish. Over the years this web based site has grown to a large library of digital information with free access to almost anyone. YouTube: YouTube is a service that was acquired by Google to help in the distrubtion of online videos. Class library: boost: large collection of generic libraries BDE: The Bloomberg Development Environment core libraries from Bloomberg

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