Nt1310 Unit 5.1 Research Paper

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5.1 Secure Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor
Networks Till date many routing protocols have been proposed for wireless sensor networks, but only few of them consider the problem of security [4] and most of them are developed without any security concern. So in this section we focus at selected multipath routing protocols in order to cope with the various attacks. For avoiding intruders attacks in HWSN various methods and algorithms are implemented out of that Professor Hamid Al-Hamadi and Professor Ing-Ray Chen: Plan to explore more extensive malicious attacks in addition to packet dropping and bad mouthing attacks using algorithm for dynamic redundancy management of multipath routing. The objective of dynamic redundancy management is to dynamically identify and apply the best redundancy level in terms of path redundancy and source redundancy, as well as the best intrusion detection settings in terms of the number of voters and the intrusion invocation interval to maximize in response to environment changes to input parameters including SN/CH node density of SN/CH radio range and SN/CH capture rate. Our algorithm for dynamic redundancy management of multipath routing is distributed in nature. For managing multipath routing for intrusion tolerance to maximize the system lifetime. …show more content…

Intermediate nodes, when overloaded, drop packets and hence the number of dropped packets is the largest compared to the other modes. Mode 1 gives the best performances is due to the fact that the sources distribute their flows on all available paths from the beginning hence reducing the probability of overloaded queues. However, it is observed that mode 3 tries to balance the load of a congested path on the other paths does not succeed in reducing the drop rate when compared to a simpler approach such as mode 2, at least for small network

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