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On Sunday march the 3rd 1974, Turkish flight TK981 set of from Orly Paris at 12:30. The DC-10 plane was expected to arrive in London later that day. The plane ascended up to approximately ………feet and at 12:40 a loud noise was heard from the rear of the plane. The cargo door had ripped open causing a large pressure difference between the cargo hold and passenger cabin. This pressure difference caused a section of the cabin floor to be sucked out of the plane along with 6 seats and the corresponding passengers. The Pilots attempted to control the plane, but the decompression had caused damage to hydraulic cables rendering the horizontal stabilizer and elevator control useless. With minimal controls and the number 2 engine down, the plane plummeted 20° downwards at 360kts. Eventually the pilots managed to slightly decrease the angle and slow the plane down 30Kts. However it was not enough and the DC-10 plane crashed at 800kmh-1 into the Forrest of Ermenonville, which is located 37km north east of Paris. ……………. About the door and locking mechanism. Body …show more content…

Science If all these steps are carried out thoroughly the final product will be successful and safe. In the case of flight Tk981 the failure was in the final stage of the engineering design process; Test and redesign. The Following is a hypothetical design process that would be similar to what McDonnell Douglas would have used when designing the cargo door for the DC-10

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