Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Research Paper

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If you think your phone is secure, it is still vulnerable to pilfer your data. Now a day’s hacker does not need physical access to the phone. They can infect your device with the virus or steal your personal information using malicious applications remotely. You can keep away your phone from hackers by taking the 10-smartphone security steps.
Step 01:
Always install the application from trusted source or device manufacturer 's store. Before downloading read app description carefully and at the time of installation deny all permissions those seems untrusted.
Step 02:
Delete all messages received from the unknown source that inquire for your information. Do not ever open any link in the messages, a hacker may still your information and install malware on the device.
Step 03:
Always keep updating your device firmware. Most probably, device does it automatically for you but if …show more content…

If your device is stolen or lost, you can erase all your data and track the device on the map. This makes your device more secure.
Step 05:
Install antivirus on your phone. This will automatically block all applications, which inquire your information. Antivirus also analyses all incoming and outgoing requests and pass only legitimate requests.
Step 06:
Connect your phone only with trusted Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks that are not secure may allow a hacker to incept your data when you are online. When you need to do the online transactions through online banking always prefer your personal network source instead of public Wi-Fi .
Step 07:
Avoid leaving your phone alone in public places. Hackers may infect your locked device using hardware kinds of stuff.
Step 08:
Do not forget to lock your phone when it is not in use. Use multiple layered securities for your device like as pattern lock, pin codes, face or voice recognition etc.
Step 09:
Do not plug in your phone at public charging point, it may steal your data from the device or install malware on your

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