Operation Buckshot Yankee Analysis

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The operation was code name Buckshot Yankee. Operation Buckshot Yankee was the United States response to the terrorist attacks of 2008. Unlike the terrorists’ attack on 9/11, the attack on 2008 was a cyber-attack that affected the U.S Government’s unclassified and classified computer networks. The Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III (2010) stated “It was a network administrator 's worst fear: a rogue program operating silently, poised to deliver operational plans into the hands of an unknown adversary”. The program that infected the Government’s networks was a computer worm, a type of malicious software (Malware) that duplicates itself without human interaction, called Agent.btz. Ellen Nakashima (2011), a National Security reporter …show more content…

Even if you do not work on a Government network, you should conduct some type of training or reading so you can safe guard your privacy. You can prevent Malware from affecting your computer and networks by identifying the characteristics of Malware. The easiest way for an individual user to introduce Malware to their network is by email. Ensure you know how to identify if your email contains Malware . Furthermore, when you receive an email do not open any attachments unless you know 100% who sent the email and that the attachment is safe. Malware can be programmed into attachments and programmed to forward emails without the account holder knowing. If you weren’t expecting an attachment; don’t open it! In addition to having good email practice, keep your operating system (OS) and anti-virus up-to-date. Having an anti-virus that scans your emails is a must. In reference to the attack of 2008, do not plug any USB storage device in your computer unless you absolutely know that it contains. Malware can be programmed to start as soon as it is plugged into a computer or source, to prevent the Malware from contaminating a network, many companies including the government use an air gap or stand-alone computer to ensure Malware does not infect the

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