Nt1310 Unit 3 Term Paper

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VP networks are the best solution for the company. Because it will improve productivity, extend geographic connectivity and simplify network topology with ensuring security, reliability and scalability. Also, VPN can be very convenient not like other methods e.g. leased lines that can get very expansive.
There are two types of VPN: Remote-Access and Site-to-Site.
Remote-Access: is when a company wants to connect its remote employees to the company private network this can be done using an internet dial-up account to their users using internet service providers.
Site-to-Site: is when a company want to have multiply fixed sites, which can connect remote employees mostly other offices or partners through a public network to their private network. …show more content…

As there is no perfectly secure website. There are many types of attacks can harming your computer and your data but even there’s a lot of countermeasure to mitigate that happens with you. Our TaxiPixi Company uses the several countermeasures to protect our client’s accounts and our service.

For the users countermeasures from attacks:
1. Update the version of our application frequently.
2. Don’t enter the password of other accounts
3. Be aware rom social engineering.

And for our TaxiPixi company countermeasures from attacks:

1. Ensure that our operating system and key system components such as the web browser are fully patched and up to date.

2. Install firewall for each device. Firewall will automatically monitor Internet activities, and will alert you of any problems. Firewalls forbid outside threats such as hackers and viruses from gaining access to your system. Personalize your firewall settings during the setup process to reflect how much data you want to allow into your system from the Internet, and update your firewall

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