Nt1310 Unit 3 Exercise 1

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1. Installing antivirus software on all the systems, for example Norton antivirus. 2. Installing antivirus and anti spam software on email servers, examples of antispam software include: 3. Install antivirus and content filter software on firewalls 4. Keep all antivirus software up to date that is updating to newer and more secured versions of the anti-virus. This might cause money, but it is significantly important. 5. Keep all systems up to date, this has to do with updating required systems operating systems and other systems software for security purposes, for example the new windows 10 might have more security features than windows 7 or 8, so it’s advisable to update the operating system. 6. Educate users, this include providing user …show more content…

This unique characters, otherwise called signatures can be a byte pattern in the virus. This is usually done using the AV software, the AV software uses the signature obtained from the signature database to detect the malware, and when a match is gotten, the AV software then alerts and prompts the user to repair or remove the file. - - Heuristic-based Detection: unlike the signature based detection, the heuristic-based detection is mainly designed to detect previously undetected or unknown viruses. Heuristics based detection detect viruses based on how they behave; that is to say the heuristic blocks the action of a file that it’s not behaving the way it is known to behave using sandbox techniques from a heuristic scanner.. - - SQL (Structured Query Language) Injection is when malicious attackers make use of SQL statements to interact with a database. They have having the ability to write and delete data in the database, the attackers cause damage by entering different from what its expected. Most of the time, attackers make use of dynamic SQL statements for SQL injection They also mainly use two SQL knowledge to perform this action, the semicolon; which indicates the end of the statement and the two hyphens – which indicates that a comment should be

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