Nt1330 Unit 5 Exercise 1

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1. There will be the use of a secure medical records system used in order to protect the privacy of the patient. Through the use of the WebPT, medical records can only be accessed by healthcare providers directly involved in that case. WebPT is a password protected system (HA-10).
2. Using an insurance claims tracking form, we will keep record of which claims have and have not been paid for. This will also act as a quick reference to determine which patients have claims and who each claim belongs to. This will improve our communication with all those involved with each claim (HA-11).
3. Institutions usually purchase insurance that helps reimburse family insurance plans only on athletic injury costs. We require all student-athletes to use their parent primary insurance. Primary insurance helps pay medical expenses after the insurances deductible has been met. Once primary insurance has been reached, secondary insurance will be used to cover medical expenses (HA-25). …show more content…

For proper documentation needed for secondary, excess accident, and catastrophic health insurance needs to obtain the patient’s name and address, date of birth, sex, year in school, sport in which the injury took place, date and place of injury (HA-26).
5. Reimbursement is the process in which the clinic will be reimbursed by an insurance company for the services we provide. We will be referring clients to the Giblin Physical Therapy Clinic for treatment and rehabilitation. Each athletic trainer should know how the aspect of insurance reimbursement works. The athletic trainer at each school should be able to perform claims for athlete referral

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