The Pros And Cons Of Health Insurance

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Health insurance is one of the main insurances ones can have in life.Without reliable health insurance any small treatment can wipe out a person financially. " health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured" as defined by Investopedia, 2015.
The term ‘Health insurance’ was firstly discovered in the United States during the civil war. Then policies with comprehensive list of benefits were firstly introduced by the Health Insurance of Boston in the early 1847.
There is two types of health insurance in any community. The first is public health insurance which is the type of insurance that is supplied by the country's government and it does not require payments adding to that it is every citizen’s right. The second is private health insurance which is a type of insurance that is supplied and supported by a company and is purchased by an individual. Private insurance should be diminished from all countries,
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Public health insurance assures that, since it decreases the gap between social levels as there is no discrimination between rich and poor. According to article (12) in the library of human rights session number (22) “it's the right for every citizen to enjoy the luxury health and receive the highest medication”. Public hospitals provide that by making its number one aim to treat the patient and make sure that the patient has received proper medication without caring about what payments will be paid and what luxuries will be provided according to the paid amount. “The right of each citizen to have an appropriate acces to health care should be based on their needs and not on their ability to pay costs for such care” confirmed by the paper of health and population provided in the eighth national
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