Argumentative Essay On Obamacare

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Obama Care also known as the Affordable Care Act signed in by president Barack Obama in 2010, This was to insure that all the Americans will have free access to medical care if they got sick and it would will help reduce the growth of healthcost spending in the country, hence in economic and stability growth among the citizens of America. Right now in the USA the ObamaCare law is a permanent part of the landscape, The USA republicans said that, despite the high court decision upholding various subsidies, the law itself remains the largest and dangerous threat to health care. Although it has its own benefits, Obamacare is increasing costs for hardworking families. Republicans argue that many people have to pay higher costs or see their former policies canceled.Which is leading to poor economy and increasing of debts and deaths within the country. Stakeholders The stakeholders of the ObamaCare include the tea party, doctors, Low income consumers, pharmaceutical companies, employers and the employees. Low Income The majority of American healthcare are the low income consumers, is a total of 55% who receive health insurance are through their employers and 32% receive health insurance through a government programs. Some of the Federal health care officers were aiming low-income consumers with new advertisements. For most of the …show more content…

Henceforth the different states will determine whether to accept or decline the federal organisation funds for extensions and advance the states healthcare programs. In most cases the obamacare will negatively affect the states because the costs of healthcare will be more expensive and the rising of private insurance. This will be expensive for the people living in those states to afford the private insurance especially for those relying on employers for insurance.

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