Obamacare Persuasive Speech Analysis

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President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress started with him addressing how America hasn’t put its own citizens first and as a result of this our middle class has shrunk. That jobs and wealth has been given to foreign countries and our borders have been left wide open for anyone to cross and bring in drugs. Trump said that dying industries will come to life, veterans and the military will get the care they need, new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and railways would be made, and the drug epidemic will stop when America puts its own citizens first. He said that he is no longer going to let America and its workers be taken advantage of. Trump said that he will stop the drugs from entering our country and expand treatment for those who have …show more content…

Obamacare is very beneficial and many people don 't believe this because negative messages about Obamacare outnumbered positive ones. The biggest benefit of Obamacare is that it lowers overall healthcare costs by providing insurance for millions and making preventive care free. Obamacare requires all insurance plans to cover 10 essential health benefits which include treatment for mental health, addiction, and chronic diseases. Insurance companies can no longer deny anyone coverage for pre-existing conditions and they can 't drop them or raise premiums if they get sick. With obamacare children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans up to age 26. If obamacare was repealed, 20 million Americans would lose their healthcare. If they get sick, they won’t be able to go to the doctor. They will end up in the hospital paying those bills for the rest of their life, or maybe even go bankrupt. One senario of what can happen without Obamacare is that pregnancies would been treated as a pre-existing condition and women wouldn 't be able to get coverage. Another senario is that without Obamacare, no-cost breast cancer screenings would no longer be a thing. Under Obamacare, mammograms are fully covered. If it is repealed it can put many lives at risk. Repealing obamacare would do more harm then help. I disagree with Trumps ideal to repeal and replace obamacare because it is not a

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