Pros And Cons Of Obamacare

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Before Obamacare, we were allowed to shop for health care plans in other states. When Obama put Obamacare in place, the law took that ability away from the citizens. Obamacare and medicare should be repealed. There are many damaging factors about Obamacare. Because now you can be fined if you do not have insurance. It has made our taxes go up especially for the wealthy. It is making people lose their jobs and hours because businesses are cutting the worker hours to avoid covering the extra cost of employees insurance. People should not have to pay for health insurance or be threatened with a large fine for not having it. It is intrusive for the government to require you to have insurance. Not all citizens in the United States need health care. Nor do all citizens believe in going to the doctor and taking medicine. They are also fined if you do not pay the outrageous prices of the premiums that will only continue to rise up to even more ridiculous prices costing the well off community even more money. “This act is making price for cost of coverage blow up to bigger numbers. This will raise premiums for everyone” (Suderman). The Affordable care act and obamacare are forcing the American citizens to pay for something they already can …show more content…

Obamacare and medicare should be repealed. Being fined for not paying for an insurance you can not afford because of the obamacare and affordable care act is wrong in many ways and just another way that obamacare knocks our nation down one step at a time. It has made taxes of those in the middle class and upper class rise and cost more money for the insurance provided to the people after taking away their original insurance plans. Obamacare is not free insurance it is costing the people in the nation hurting those who have to pay more just to support the lower class

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