Essay On Single Payer Health Care

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The United States no longer posses the ability to effectively drive down premium costs through the means of insuring healthy people. For example there is a town with ten houses, and, on average, one house a year burns down. If no one in the town pays for insurance they have a 10% chance of their house burning down each year. If everyone in the town pays insurance they spread the risk because no matter whose house burns down no one will have to pay anything as the insurance company will cover the cost of the house that burns down each year and make a slight profit. This is the same logic applied to the whole medical insurance market. Some people are at a ton of risk, such as being old or having a history of poor health. These people in poor health are more expensive to cover simply because they hold more risk for the insurance company as they require more …show more content…

The high cost and low quality of the current system creates the obvious reality that the status quo is failing. The government has tried a free-market and universal approach to the issue, and they have both failed to accurately combat the current problems. A Single payer system may, in fact, increase taxes, but it would help business which, in turn, would help the American economy as a whole. A single payer system is an effective way to completely eradicate the current problems. The issue of climbing premium would no longer be an issue under Single Payer policy, as it effectively circumvents the issues with risk in the health insurance market. Single Payer health care is also much cheaper overall than the currently implemented or any previously implemented system in the United States.The inefficiencies and deprivation of human due to for-profit health care systems must come to an end, and a single payer system must be signed into law because many people have had and will have their lives abused and ruined by the current

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