Essay On Obama Care

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All these new restrictions, requirements, and red tape come with a price.

Healthcare plans that have provided American families with coverage are being dropped

all over the country by insurance companies since they don’t meet the minimum

guidelines of the expansive new plans that are recommended by the Affordable Care Act.

As a result of the implication of ObamaCare, millions of Americans have lost their

healthcare plans, which directly goes against the main goal of the program and Obamas

promise to America. ObamaCare has conflicted with the market for citizens who buy

coverage on their own by having new coverage and benefit mandates, therefore causing a

reported 4.7 million health insurance cancelations in 32 states ( …show more content…

One of

the main issues being unemployment, which has only been made worse by the Affordable

Care Act. Retailers are slicing workers hours at a rate not seen in more than 3 decades to

try and make sure their employees don’t qualify under ObamaCare

( The American citizens are losing their vital full time jobs to part

time jobs that don’t pay enough for them to provide for their families. “ObamaCare is

causing a lot of problems with healthcare, it’s hurting our economy almost as badly”

( The hardest employees hit are ones with low job skills. The

unemployment rate is 12.9% for those with less than a high school diploma, almost 5%

higher than the national average. The rate for African American teens is an astounding

34.7%, which goes against a goal of ObamaCare, to help protect and create more equality

in the workforce for women and minorities (Manhattan Institute).

Yes, the intention of the President and his program are meant well, but is it really

worth it to hurt so many tens of millions of Americans just for a miniscule benefit of a

few? The implication ObamaCare could destroy the security of the economy

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