Persuasive Essay On Obamacare

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ObamaCare is what is going to make this country crash and burn. Once it happens all of a sudden Obama will be nowhere to be found. All the blame will be on him and he knows it to. We have been trying to get a handle on this beginning almost 100 years ago with Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt supported heath care because he believed no country could be sturdy with sick and weak people. But the only thing ObamaCare is doing is making our citizens that were doing fine on their own, now suffer. Obama didn’t even come up with the idea himself. It was modeled after the health care reform law implemented in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney in 2006. This man can’t even think for himself! Insurance companies have to cover sick individuals so it increases the cost of everyone’s insurance. What good does this do? Those who pay …show more content…

People that already had insurance were taken off of it because it didn't meet the 10 crucial health benefits. Then their insurance goes up because it puts things in there they may not need such as maternity care. If someone clearly is not going to use something why force it upon them.
Rep. Mike Rogers asked a good question “Why punish the 85 percent who have earned health-care coverage under their employer to cover the 15 percent who do not?” Weather you enroll or not is up to you, but no matter what you do you will get reprimanded. Those who do not sign up will have to pay a penalty. And if you do enroll your choices of doctors and hospitals are limited. The government is able to have access to all your medical information. No one wants to get involved this mess. But millions have already.
Adding ObamaCare can also add to this counties extensive debt. And guess what? This will make the tax payers suffer even more. It all comes back to the working middle class. They are trying to survive and support their families when in reality they are supporting strangers more than their own

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