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  • Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

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    President Barack Obama in his inauguration speech which he delivered on 21ST January 2013. The study focus solely on the approaches used by Barack Obama to deliver his ideology as the President of the United States of America to get the public to be acquainted with his administration agenda moving forward to strengthen the democrats in the inauguration speech rhetorically. The discourse analysis was carried out based on the video recording of the inauguration speech delivered by President Barack Obama

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama

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    to re-elect the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Clinton talked about Obama’s contributions and ideas that helped America during Obama’s term. The audience of such speech would most likely be the Americans interested in electing a president. Bill Clinton himself was a former president, which boosted ethos; he was once an expert authority on this field, so his words seem trusted. Still the main appeal to ethos in the speech isn’t for Clinton, but for Obama instead. Throughout the speech, he presents

  • Barack Obama Leadership Style

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    Running header: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA AND LEADERSHIP 1 BARACK OBAMA AND LEADERSHIP 6 President Barack Obama and Leadership Tabatha Robinson Waldorf University Introduction to leadership and personality traits. Truly, presidential Leadership is about the pursuit of the interest and goals of the country’s overall well-being. Before he became a politician, Barack Obama was a community organizer (Odom, L., Owen, R., Valley, A., & Burrell, P. 2011.) In fact, Obama expressed his motivations early

  • Barack Obama Speech Analysis

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    supporters waited for their new president Barack Obama all night long in Grant Park. Obama gave a speech movingly to the whole world and announced to everyone that change has come to America. I think it is the most famous speech in the world, not because of its speaker-Obama but its meaning to the whole world. Before analyzing the historical significance of the speech, let me introduce you the president of the United States Barack Obama. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. His

  • Barack Obama Victory Speech Summary

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    On November 4th, 2008, former President Barack Obama made his victory speech to approximately 200,000 people at Grant Park and to those watching it through broadcast. In the year 2008, was a critical time period for the United States since the long lasting eight year presidency of George W Bush was ending and a new president was approaching the White House with new proposals. During the time George W Bush was in office, the United States was facing many problems, as with wars going on, financial

  • Barack Obama Campaign Case Study

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    Barack Obama Campaign Ad Study  Barak Obama’s Campaign: Yes We Can The 2008 Obama Presidential campaign made history. Not only was Obama the first African American to be elected president, but he was also the first presidential candidate to effectively use social media as a major campaign strategy When Obama announced his candidacy in 2007, Twitter had only just started and there wasn’t even an iPhone yet Obama dominated the social media space because his team got how networks work. The real

  • Barack Obama Inaugural Speech Summary

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    Barack Obama took center stage on January 20Th 2009 to become one of the most powerful men in the nation. He was our nation’s 44th president, but our first African America president. Winning the election was a huge step for our nation in that has struggled with racism. He gave an honest and accurate inaugural speech by addressing the state that our nation is in, and it isn’t a good one. He used lots of talk about fear, emotion arousing words, and anaphora. In his inaugural president Obama was very

  • Barack Obama Inaugural Speech Analysis

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    This speech was given on January 20th, 2009 by Barack H. Obama, who is the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to hold the office. That was the speech he gave in his First Inauguration in Washington DC, which set a record attendance for any event held in the city. The inaugural address was the culmination of the presidential transition of Barack Obama that began when he won the United States presidential election on November 4, 2008 and became the President-elect.

  • Rhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama

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    Purv Chauhan Jack Geist English 108 February 16, 2018 Barack Obama victory speech Rhetorical Analysis “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible - tonight is your answer.” (Obama, 2008). Barack Obama was elected president on Nov 5, 2008. He argues in his speech that whatever was going on in the country, it is going to change, it was a dawn of a new beginning. He begins by building his credibility by showing that others who doubted the people

  • Summary Of This Is What A Feminist Looks Like By Barack Obama

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    In his exclusive essay for Glamour, titled “President Obama Says, “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”, former president Barack Obama shares his views as a feminist, as well as how it has impacted his life as a son, husband, father, and president. He states how growing up with a single mother, supporting his wife, and raising two daughters has inspired and formed his views as a feminist. Throughout his life, he has seen the progress of women’s role in society enhance over time and he claims that

  • Barack Obama Informative Speech

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    heard of the name Barack Obama. A now very successful man who I admire greatly. However, his life wasn 't without challenges, especially in his childhood. Obama had a very charred and challenged childhood. There were 3 major challenges in his life. Racism, betrayal and struggle. Today I wish to inform you about the challenges that faced the future 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama II. 4th August 1961, in Honolulu hospital in Hawaii, Barack Hussein Obama II was born having

  • Persuasive Essay On Barack Obama

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    U.S. society cannot redeem itself from its racist past and go on to call itself a post racial society since black men and women including Barack Obama still face extensive racial discrimination in all areas of daily life. Obama has been the subject of multiple racist attacks, from religiously bigoted e-mails claiming him to be a Muslim terrorist, who was not really born in America and who was viciously anti white, to T-shirts with racist caricatures. These different images aimed to dehumanize him

  • Barack Obama Rhetorical Analysis

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    discursive strategies used by U.S. President Barack Obama’s in the paragraph is evident, i.e. Counterfactuals (meaning, argumentation), Disclaimer (meaning), and Explanation (meaning, argumentation). For example when he says " ", he is utilizing Disclaimer (meaning) discursive strategy. In one place he

  • Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech

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    Discourse analysis on Barack Obama’s 2013 Inauguration Speech Han Song Jin 1001438985 Abstract: This mini project paper analyses the approaches used by the President Barack Obama in his inauguration speech which he delivered on 21ST January 2013. The study focus solely on the approaches used by Barack Obama to deliver his ideology as the President of the United States of America to get the public to be acquainted with his administration agenda moving forward to strengthen the democrats in the inauguration

  • Inaugural Speech Analysis

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    Director of Digital Strategy at The White House. He developed the web page where President Barack Obama’s speech was uploaded ( On the other hand, the uploaded Inaugural Address which it is going to be mainly taken into account in this essay. This main text is a political document. This speech was delivered by Barack Hussein Obama on January 20th, 2009 at The White House, Washington. Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America and the first Afro-American President

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

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    The 44th and first African American President, Barack Obama, in his Inaugural Address, promotes a call to action. Obama’s purpose is to express his gratitude for his opportunity to become president and discuss his plans for economic advancement. In order to reach the American people of the U.S., Obama adopts a serious and thought-provoking tone to urge them to support his plans for advancement. During this time of economic crisis, Obama clearly conveys to the American people through his use of

  • Barack Obama Speech Analysis Speech

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    President Obama speech analysis Barack Obamas speech target audience are the German citizens first, however he refers to American and other European citizens as well. This speech has a few purposes, for example he informs people that democracy is wonderful and Obama said that working together, is very important for both countries for the economic, security and political reasons as well as trying to persuade people to pay attention to climate change. Barack Obama used a balanced phrase regarding

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Michelle Obama's Speech

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    The election is coming to an end, and speeches are made by the convention. In this Essay, I am go-ing to analyse the themes children, American future and solidarity in the speech of Michelle Obama. The essays will focus on rhetorical forms off appeal, sender/receiver and the purpose of the speech. Furthermore, the focus will be on references to Donald Trump. “Great rhetoric abilities together with the use of certain rhetorical appeals shapes memorable speeches and a convincing speaker”. A first

  • Nate Silver Speech: How Racism Affect How You Vote

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    African-American candidate for President. Barack Obama did quite well. He won 375 electoral votes and about 70 million popular votes. This was more than any other presidential candidate ( of any race, of any party ) in history. Nate compared how Obama did against how John Kerry had done four years earlier.One exception is in Massachusetts. That was John Kerry's home state. Obama couldn't do better than Kerry there. Or in Arizona, which is John McCain's home, Obama didn't have much improvement. Nate

  • Obama Speech Racism

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    In 2008, Obama took an opportunity to speak on the issue of the current state of racism in America, after many controversial remarks were made by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, that were deemed racist by the majority. This was only eight months before he would become president, and very much set forward a path he would follow through with his presidency. Beyond all political views, though, did Obama do a quality job at explaining the truth behind racism in America today, or did he present