Kaiser Permanente Health Care Scholarship Essay

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I should be considered for the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Scholarship because I have proved and accomplished more than what I thought I would be capable of in my education, I am passionate for the health industry, and I financially need to be to succeed. I will continue my education by pursuing my goal to become a Registered Nurse. I first considered Registered Nursing when I joined the Health Academy and realized how passionate I was to help others. Throughout my years in the Health Academy, my passion grew drastically. My summer of 2015 was dedicated to two internships; one being a Medical Assistant (200 hours) and another as a Physical Therapy Aide (80 hours). These internships helped me get an inside perspective of how nurses go above and beyond their everyday duties to ensure patient care, setting a standard for me to go above and beyond in terms of my education, my service to others, and in life. With the changes in college tuition having increased and state support for college students having taken a decrease over the last couple of years, this scholarship would benefit me tremendously in my goals to continue my education. …show more content…

As I begin my college education, I want to continue doing my best in order to accomplish my goal of becoming a registered nurse. With the scholarship money I can have the peace of mind of solemnly focusing on college. Students who have to work to continue their education have trouble focusing on school and do not have the extra time to study or go to tutoring sessions. In many cases, having to work while attending college usually leads to failing or dropping the class due to extra stress and the idea of income. As well, this scholarship will give me more time to focus on my education and to continue my volunteer work helping the

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