Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship Essay

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This scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for students of GVSU, and I am honored to be considered for this scholarship. I believe that I am a great applicant for this scholarship, and that I deserve this scholarship. One reason I deserve this scholarship is because of my strong academic courses. Throughout my high school career, I pushed myself academically by taking a total of 10 AP classes and 7 honors classes. These classes were all challenging, yet I pushed through with determination to complete the classes to the best of my ability. My high school is highly competitive and I’m grateful that I was surrounded by such wonderful peers and teachers. Completing high school, I received 12th place out of almost 450 students, with a weighted GPA of 4.244. Despite my hard course load, …show more content…

Despite all of the time I dedicated to school, I also am an active leader at St. Pius X. At SPX, I hold the position of a youth group leader, and I have dedicated numerous hours towards this church. Even with the workload, and extracurriculars, I have maintained a job since I was 16, and currently work 15 hours a week. Another reason I deserve this scholarship is because of finances. I won’t be receiving any financial aid for GVSU, and I will be receiving $5,000 a year for academics. However, this leaves an estimated $15,000 left to pay for each year, and despite the income of my family, we aren’t even close to being able to afford that. I already know I will need to be paying for the majority of my college tuition, which is why I have worked so hard and had a job since I was 16. I know many students around my financial status whose parents are paying for all of their college, but for my family this isn’t the case. The tuition will fall mainly on my shoulders, and I believe I deserve this scholarship to help me pay for

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