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I am competitive; I look for the chance to run the extra mile. My competitive nature has aided in everything I commit myself to. Regardless if I am participating in a sporting event, competing for a solo in a musical production, or preparing for a final, I will indubitably devote my time and efforts to perform as well as possible. I take every opportunity that is presented to me and attempted to better not only myself but my community as well. I am confident that the Honors College at the College of Charleston will enable me to devote my attention to my studies, become actively involved within campus activities and academic assemblies, and offer my time and abilities to charitable events and organizations. The Honors College’s expectations …show more content…

The Honors College would prepare me exceptionally well for when I enter graduate school to pursue my doctoral degree in neurology. I want to advance my knowledge and gain a better perspective of what it’s like to go into the medical field, and it is clear that the Honors College does an impeccable job preparing students who’re interested in continuing their academic pursuits by entering graduate school. I hope I can be one of these lucky students who have such an extraordinary opportunity to be taught by the college’s top professors in such a positive, constructive environment such as that offered by the Honors College. I am very interested in studying abroad in college, and it is extremely exciting to me that the Honors College offers this priceless experience. I hope to develop new life skills, a better understanding for different culture, and an enhanced worldview by studying abroad. Besides my aspirations to study abroad, I hope to continue developing my passion for volunteering by leading an independent volunteering program for poverty-stricken families in my community at the College of Charleston. I intend to enhance not only myself, but my college and community by being a driven, involved

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