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Why do you believe you need, or should receive, financial assistance, such as a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship to attend the college/university of your choice? This should include details about family situations such as: care of family members, medical situations, family financial burdens and/or how important it will be for you to work while in college. Financial information provided will remain confidential. Please do not provide any identifying information such as your first or last name or any family member's names, as all names will be deleted.

I believe that I should receive the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship because of the rising tuition cost to attend Texas Tech University and due to my family’s income, Our income relies mainly on my dads farming, which the income fluctuates from year to year. I have shown swine for many years and with the desire to improve, my parents have spent extra money on my project. Because I am a …show more content…

Because of the year-round educational support within the communities, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have been an honor to be a part of. Being apart of the HLSR has made me realize that I can achieve something so much bigger than myself. To me, the HLSR means learning about not only about where our food comes from, but about your community and surroundings. The HLSR is an annual event that pulls in various people from the community, so everyone has a chance to learn about agriculture. Also, I love how this organization educates the youth by providing several opportunities to learn about our environment at the livestock show. Seeing the youth benefit from this organization makes all of the work worth it. Since 1932, this organization has provided more than $450 million for the kids in Texas and this is a major reason the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is so

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