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For some people it's just fun. But for me It's a lifestyle. People ask what is it? It's the sport rodeo. For those who don't known what rodeo is, rodeo is an exhibition or contest in which cowboys show their skill at riding broncs, roping calves and other activities. Rodeo arose out from the working practices of cattle herding in Spain, Mexico and later in Central America. People think rodeo is just fun with no work involved. Some even say you're not an athlete, that you can't make a living doing it for the rest of your life. For those who believe that rodeo is not a sport, let's examine these facts. This passion for rodeo was first seen when I took my first foot steps. The first words that came out of my mouth were “horse” and “bull”. I grew up around horses and bulls, and it’s what I do. …show more content…

I remembered my father told me “ you better get ready because this is some real shit”. My body started to feel different, I wasn't feeling scared I was feeling adrenaline running all over by body. I couldn't wait for those roping skills and techniques to come to me, I had to work real hard. Those skills didn't come overnight. It was all the hours I spent in the arena practicing ,roping poles, bushes, dogs or anything I could see I would be able to rope. It takes time,dedication, passion in order to achieve what I have accomplished. It takes long hours of riding and getting your horse in shape. Just like in any other sport, there's a team. My team consists of my horses, my roping team,and especially my dad. I spend more time at the ranch than what I spend at home. I'm now roping one of the best bulls their is all over California. I am one of the 3 best young ropers around at this moment. But the thing I'm most proud about myself Is that I have Inspired more and more young people to stay out of the streets and participate In the sport of

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