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Rodeos are big events all over the country. Families come from all over to enjoy watching cowboys compete at the rodeos. While some people come to rodeos to document the abuse and harm that the cowboys are causing the animals. It is a big controversy whether rodeos are animal abuse or not. Animal rights activists are trying to stop rodeos from “abusing” animals, but they don’t know the extensive care that the animals are given. Rodeos have been around for a long time. After cattlemen rounded up their livestock they would all gather together once or twice a year to have a “Rodeo”. It was just a fun get together once the big job of gathering stock was over with. It eventually ended up being a sport that is popular everywhere. The first official rodeo was in Cheyenne in 1872. Rodeo has always been a sport that brings …show more content…

One rodeo that brings people together is the Lehi Round Up Rodeo. It has been going since 1937. This year will mark 79 years for the Round Up. J.W. Harris says, "It's just down-to-earth rodeo." The Lehi Round Up “Has all of the good aspects of a big rodeo, and all of the good aspects of a smaller rodeo.” Rodeo announcer Andy Stewert says, "But when you come to a place like Lehi, I mean, this is a community effort. Everybody gets involved. Everybody wants it to be successful. Everybody's demeanor is rodeo-driven. That makes small-town rodeos special." Rodeo in general just brings people together. I have never been to a football, baseball, soccer, or basketball game when one team does everything they can to help and encourage the other team, or their competition. Rodeo is special that way. If you watch a rodeo you will see other contestants sharing tack or of someone’s horse is lame

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