Children Need To Play Not Compete By Jessica Statsky

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As my brother plays in his tournament for high school basketball I hear my mother screaming at him. She's telling him to try harder, run faster, rebound more, and to have fun. Although it is a tournament and everyone wants the team they are for to win, they also all want those boys to have fun. Sports aren't always about winning. Especially since these boys are still in high school, they're just kids. My mother and other parents and coaches know that it's good for them to have fun playing the game they love, but they also know that it's good for them to compete and try their best to get what they want. The coaches and parents know what the real world is like, there's all kinds of competition in it. These sports can help these kids prepare for their soon to be future. …show more content…

Statsky wrote an essay called "Children Need to Play Not Compete". In this essay she talks about how competitive sports are not good for children. Statsky's point in "Children Need to Play Not Compete" appears to be better for the children since she tells how these sports affect the kids in negative ways. Her theory tells the reader why these sports aren't satisfying or beneficial to children (page 236), but doesn't show them how well these sports can improve children in many different ways. Competitive sports teach children responsibility, respect, social skills, and they can very well help them prepare for their

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