Tammy Turcotte: A Perfect Winner For The Jefferson Award

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Tammy Turcotte: A Perfect Winner for the Jefferson Award The younger community needs strong leaders because they can not have young people without a good role model. Good role models play a major part in making a younger child's behavior better than it otherwise could have been. The Jefferson Award is rewarding unrecognized heroes in different communities and shows the world even some of the smallest things people do can make a huge difference. An individual worth noticing is Tammy Turcotte. She is an instructor from the Kyuki-Do Academy of Amery, Wisconsin. She teaches many classes and many ages. She teaches people from three-year-old children to adults. Kyuki-do is a mixed martial art containing Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Hapkido, Muay Thai, …show more content…

In “What Makes a Good Youth Sports Coach?” i9 Sports, the largest youth sports franchise, states, “It is important for coaches to have a good understanding of the sport they are coaching. They should be able to teach players the basics of the game, as well as how to improve their skills. Coaches who are knowledgeable about their sport are more likely to be successful both on and off the field” (2022). Knowledge of sport is helpful for youth because this gives the younger children the ability to learn and grow, more than they otherwise would. For instance, one of my personal experiences was when Tammy Turcotte, my martial arts instructor, showed her knowledge of this sport during a black belt advancement (black belt test). We were practicing our forms (choreographed fight) when I did not have the right footing and the correct stances. She quickly stepped in and showed me exactly what to do. FINISH INTERVIEW / II D5/ conclusion . . …show more content…

In “Characteristics Contributing to the Success of a Sports Coach” “For coaches, communication often means making one’s point clear to athletes. Getting points across is essential to players’ success. The coach’s capacity to transfer knowledge (information) affects the outcome of both single contests and entire seasons. Then, too, communication is a two-way street. Successful coaches can interpret feedback given to them by players (and others) and use the feedback in making decisions. Feedback can result in subtle or drastic adjustments or none at all” (2023). Communication is also a good quality when it comes to youth. Being able to communicate with the younger generations, will help the younger children to understand more clearly. In support of this, one of my other personal experiences about communication is when I was testing for my blue belt (ninth belt) and I have always had just this one struggle on one of my forms. After the test, she told me what I had done wrong, and what I could do to improve it. She was not strict but was not super calm, she has the perfect medium of tone when it comes to these things. This proves that Tammy Turcotte uses her communication skills for the well-being of the

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