Jessica Statsky's 'Children Need To Play, Not Suversy'

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The passage ‘Children need to play, not compete’ is a profound analysis of a variety of negative impacts that the competitive sports have on the life of children. Jessica Statsky is of the view that competitive sports have a far more negative effects on children than the benefits of it. The ‘adult standards’ that are unfit for the children, need to be eradicated from children sports as they are inappropriate for their better physical growth. These include all kinds of sports that are contact as well as non-contact. These not only influence their physical health but also deteriorate their psychological health. The author is also of the view that the high hopes of parents and coaches need to be lowered as well. These burdening high expectations can cause trouble to the innocent mind of the child. The author also claims that the rules, …show more content…

I truly agree with the author as she has given to the point examples of how these kind of sports are causing harm to the children. I think that she is on the right path to shed light on this topic. The author is not bias, she acknowledges that the competitive sports can be the source of help for the children in the long run. However, her point that these sports cause more harm than the benefit, is totally foolproof.
I can say that I experienced this theory first hand when my brother lost the final match in which he lead his school team on a national level. He went into deep depression and it was very hard for him to recover. Therefore, I also agree that the pressure exerted by the parents and the coaches can also be a cause of frustration for the children at such a young age. My brother’s only sorrow was that he had disappointed his coach and had not fulfilled the dream of my father. He did not have the courage to face them after he had lost the match. The winning became his prime

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