No Pass No Play Sports Essay

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Frances is a field hockey player for her school team. One day, she got her report card and saw she got a C+ in Spanish. The next day at practice, her coach told her she was off the team--Even though Frances had been trying her best in Spanish. Frances thought this was unfair and ceased putting effort into Spanish. This is an example of how a child could be negatively by the No Pass, No Play rule. The No Pass, No Play rule requires students to acquire excellent grades to play sports. Children in the same situation as Frances could be discouraged to try in school or even drop out of school. Sports may seem alarming at first glance, but digging deeper, it is present that sports aid children in their present and future endeavors. Not everyone lives the same lives. Some people use sports to get away from stressful situations. In the article Pro/Con: Academic eligibility requirements, author Phillip Allen states, ” What if, hypothetically speaking, a student suffers from abuse at home and cannot focus in school? Sports may be one of the few constructive outlets for this student. But then again, how can they be expected to consistently maintain their grades in such a hostile circumstance?”(Allen 2). In a classroom, children sit all day and don't get exercise. Dr. Frank L. Smoll states, “All children and youth need vigorous physical activity as part of their daily lives, and sports provide the benefits of exercise and the potential for acquiring a sense of accomplishment.” (Smoll 1/2). …show more content…

The rule teaches us that failure is harmful and shouldn't be in our regimen--Even though failure teaches us to develop our studying habits and how to succeed. Parents believe sports are a danger to our society and children but aren't taking the time to ask their children how sports have benefited them. Schools don't apprehend student's needs into deliberation. Many sports teams lose games due to teammates being taken out of

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