Essay On Why Grades Should Not Play Sports

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Did you know that depending on the sport, students who play sports in college most likely have less than a 2% chance of becoming professional athletes? At middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country, everyone is arguing over whether or not students with failing grades should be allowed to play sports. In my opinion, a good education is so very important for our country’s youth, especially the athletes. Not a lot of kids are good enough to play in the top college sports programs in the country. But even those who are, still have an astonishingly low chance at making the professional leagues. If they have failing grades as well, the colleges are sending their students into the world without a real chance at becoming professional athletes, and without an actual education. In the end, they will be left unprepared for life. My first reason I believe athletes with bad grades shouldn’t play sports …show more content…

The reasons being, most professional athletes don’t play longer than 3-5 years during their career. That’s a very long retirement and what if you get hurt, it will be very hard to live 50 years in retirement on a 3-year career. Next, it’s not fair to others who aren’t born athletes and have to concentrate hard on their grades to get into a good college. If athletes don’t work hard on their grades, they are just wasting talent. Lastly, if you play sports all throughout your time in school without concentrating on your grades and it turns out you aren’t good enough to become a paid professional athlete, you are left with nothing to help you succeed in the real world. Even some of the best athletes ever careers get cut short. One example of this is Bo Jackson. He very well might have been the greatest athlete of all time, but his career was cut shorts because he got injured. So if you ever want to be like Bo Jackson and play with the professionals, just make sure you have a backup plan like an

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