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Out of all the people that try out for the NBA/NFL, only 1% of those people actually get in. Many people are debating on the topic of whether the NBA/NFL should make college a requirement. At the moment, people are wanting to shut down the law so that the players who try out don’t have to go to college. Over 100,000 people try out for the NBA/NFL but only a little bit of people get in. That leaves a lot of people’s futures destroyed, so most people say it’s good to have a backup degree just in case. I think that the NBA/NFL should make college a requirement. Let’s see what other people think about the topic.
According to BleacherReport, athletes should be able to chose if they want to go to college or not. If the player skips it, and they fail to get into the sport they want, then that’s their fault. The player chose to risk it, and that risk gave a bad ending. But to some people, college is too much of a risk. For example, if someone gets into a college team, but then they get a injury that does some permanent damage, then the player’s future may be ruined, or if the player does get into the NBA/NFL, they are probably going to earn less than if they had never gotten injured. Also, to some people, college is a waste of time. If the person actually got into the NBA/NFL they could’ve earned a lot …show more content…

According to Fox Sports, this has been a law for at least 10 years. If a player gets fresh out of high school and then has to wait for 3 years, then that player is probably going to lose his/her talent with a sport. Also, people say that college is to much money. A basic degree in college is about $200,000. Most people don’t have that kind of money, making them in debt. That kind of makes part of your career ruined, as to the fact that the player would have to pay off that

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